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     Innovating Food For Maximum Impact In Communities.

     Los Angeles, California.


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T.K Pillan

T.K Pillan

Pillan co-founded Powerplant Ventures, an emerging growth equity fund that supports visionary entrepreneurs who are leveraging the power of plants to deliver better nutrition in more sustainable and ethical ways.

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Brandon Maier

Brandon Maier

Prior to WestWave Ventures, Brandon was a Founder and Managing Partner of Quake Capital

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Anthony Almada

Co-founder of ImagiNutrition a medical food company focused on the prevention of HIV-associated muscle wasting. He leads product development, innovation & clinical research at Seed

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Vipe Desai

Founder & CEO, HDMix

Vipe is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and  Board Member at Ocean Champions

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Picture of Serena Poon

Serena Poon

Nutritionist | Celebrity Chef | Entrepreneur | TV Show Producer

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Micah Yu MD

  Dr. Yu is a board certified Internal Medicine physician & medical expert on gut microbiome.

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Melissa Mondala MD

  Dr. Melissa Mondala is a board certified Family Medicine physician and a Lifestyle & Integrative Medicine specialist

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Picture of Victor Penev

Victor Penev

CEO, Edamam LLC

Victor Penev is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Edamam.

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Picture Of Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown

CEO Bonafide Provisions

Sharon Brown is the Founder & CEO Bonafide Provisions

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Innovating Food & Beverage: What are the emerging market leaders?

From plant based meat to lab cultured meat. Consumers are driving change in the industry and some companies are creating products that resonate well with consumers. How can we safely and effectively innovate in the food industry? What is working well? What is not? What technological innovations are aiding successful innovation in the industry. 

Gut Microbiome & Personalized Nutrition

Scientific breakthrough show a promising future for personalized nutrition. How can this findings be applied in the marketplace to effectively tackle issues in the health challenges and more.

How are these findings likely to change consumer behavior and drive further change in the market place in the coming years

Creating Impact In Communities

1 in 5 children in America are considered obese according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers have tripled the numbers reported in the 70s. How can the food industry support educators, administrators and parents in fighting this epidemic. How are innovative companies tackling this issues?

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Courtyard by Marriot  901 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles California. 212 443 9222  

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Yes, bulk pricing comes with a discount. Please contact us at enquiries@disruptfoodsummit.com for more details

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No, since we have limited seats available, tickets are selling fast. We encourage you to buy your tickets now before it sells out.

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